Let me know if you remember seeing people all over the world posting pictures of themselves in the most iconic locations with a little blue sign that read, “You Should Be Here”? That little blue sign belonged to the worlds largest travel club called World Ventures! When Covid ravaged the world in 2019, the industry that was hit the hardest was the travel industry. A trillion dollar industry came to a screeching halt in a matter of months! Hotels, resorts, airports, airplanes and cruise lines found themselves empty on the brink of bankruptcy, scrambling to stay afloat. Many companies in the travel industry were forced to close or restructure.

World Ventures was one of those companies! Well the good news is, DreamTrips are back under a new name called DreamTrips International and set to be better than ever! If you follow me on social media, you’ve most likely seen me, my family, and my travel family holding up that little blue sign. The sign will not return but the largest travel club in the world is positioned to send millions of people globally on the most amazing DreamTrips!

DreamTrips has allowed us to take close to 40 vacations in 5 years! Crazy right!!! If you want to know why we believe DreamTrips is the best way to travel for anyone on any budget, click on the Wanderlust tab at the top of my site!

Check out this short video of our travel experiences from 2018-2019. Here’s what we know. Some travel, others vacation…