In April 2021 I lost my mother to Pancreatic Cancer. In 2017 I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell
Carcinoma (a viral cancer) but with the grace of God, I write this to you, cured and healed. We know this
disease is not just close to home for us, but unfortunately, for so many others as well. At FYL it is
extremely important for us to give back, and do our part in finding a cure for a disease that has caused so
much pain and heartache for so many.

With that being said, a portion of the proceeds from the products sold on this website will be donated
monthly, to Dr. Howard Safran of the Miriam Hospital in Rhode Island. Please know you have done more
than simply purchase a product from Finesse Your Lifestyle LLC, you’ve committed to making a
difference. The Miriam Hospital and the Finesse Your Lifestyle brand humbly thank you for your
purchase and donation.

Mason Santos
Thee Dj Finesse
Finesse Your Lifestyle LLC