Dj Finesse “The Crowd Favorite” is the official Dj for the regular season Big East Champions, the Providence College Friars. He has been a fixture for the Friars for the past 10 seasons but this season has been truly ICONIC! The energy at “The Dunk” is electric. These are no longer basketball games, this is more of an experience.

Dj Finesse and the Friars in game MC, Harry Grigsby aka Jon Hope (seen in this video) have created something special at the Dunk. Dj Finesse’s music selections along with Harry’s ability to move the crowd has added a hip new vibe that goes hand in hand with the Friars winning culture. Fun fact: Dj Finesse is responsible for the Friar Fanatics standing up before the tip off of every home game that has become a Friar basketball tradition!

If you come to “The Dunk”, you will see him every home game spinning in front of 12,000 raving Friar Fanatics! Here is a glimpse of the game day experience from the eyes of Dj Finesse!