5 years ago I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma. It’s a form of “C” that stems from the HPV virus. HPV can lay dormant for years. 90% of people have HPV but most immune systems are able to rid the virus from the body. There are no symptoms and the virus can cause “C” cells to grow in the body over time. We now see commercials asking parents to get their children vaccinated. At 53, we had no such vaccine growing up. There is no way to know how long the virus has been laying dormant in the body. I’ve posted my story on social media hoping it will save lives and empower others to fight. I’ve lost friends and loved ones to “C” including my mom!

Often times I feel guilty knowing others lost their fight but I’m reminded that we have to share stories of triumph to give others hope! I hope this post does just that. I truly hope my story inspires others to continue to FIGHT! To anyone reading this fighting “C”, or any other affliction, I know your struggle. I know your pain. I know your worries but I need you to change your mindset. We truly become our thoughts. Do not give your affliction power. I gave it to God and I also took the position that this was not going to defeat me. I wrote in my book that I knew why I was being tested. This test wasn’t for me, it was for ALL OF YOU!

This is, or this was my doctor, Dr. Angela Taber. She works out of the South County Cancer Center at South County Hospital. I started treatment with her in Miriam Hospital, and I followed her to her office in East Greenwhich and on to South County Hospital. She is literally an angel and I would have followed her to NY if she moved offices there. We will forever be connected because for me I wasn’t her patient, I was human and we became friends.

I saved the best for last! 10/11/2022 was the last time I will see her as her patient. She gave me a clean bill of health and is the last of my 3 doctors to tell me I am cured from “C”! FEELING EXTREMELY BLESSED!