The Funky Bunch & New Kids On The Block

If you remember 90’s pop, Hip Hop and R & B then you remember The New Kids On The Block and Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch! Each of these iconic boy bands have timeless music that still pack dance floors and stadiums across the globe.

Since Mark Wahlberg’s departure from music and onto the big screen, The Funky Bunch, now known as the Funk B’s, have remained diligent performing and creating new music. As a Dj who has spun for one of the most iconic record labels in the history of music ( BadBoy Records), I understand the power and nostalgia of songs like “Good Vibrations” and “You Gotta Believe”! I’m blessed to have been asked to be the tour Dj for such an iconic and talented group! I can’t wait to hit the stage and help create an amazing show for the fans!

With that being said, it seems fans are ready to get out and see their favorite artist. Well here you go! Saturday, July 2nd the come check out Funky Bunch aka The Funk B’s and yours truly on the 1 & 2’s performing and hosting the New Kids on The Block after party at Comix Roadhouse inside the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. As always, tell a friend to tell a friend and come FEEL THE VIBRATION!